Investors Relations
Made Easy.

Manage your communication easily,
at scale.

Save time and money

A simple and turnkey configuration to easily adapt your working method.

Maximize your IR potential

Use IR workflows and automation to process requests and communicate in a timely way.

Boost your shareholders' satisfaction

Helping investors with better information and less manual work.

Communicate more effectively than ever before.

The All-in-one Platform to deliver IR at scale

Investor Relations professionals need to communicate with as many stakeholders as possible across an array of platforms- websites, apps, social media, just to name a few. The Sharewoods platform provides you with the tools you need to manage investors' requests and share your company story.

Collect inquiries from shareholders automatically

Sharewoods is designed to ease the process of collecting information and inquiries from IR inbox, Shareholders club, and contact form.

Manage and process efficiently

Easily collaborate and stay in control of financial and extra-financial requests by processing, forwarding or assigning them elsewhere without losing time.

Scale the impact of your message

Share information to investors in a timely and accurate way by responding to every information request directly on FAQ, company website, shareholder club, social networks driven from Sharewoods.

You're in great company.

See what IR expert and leaders say about us

I have managed shareholder bases with up to 5 million retail investors and with hindsight, I wish Sharewoods had existed!

Anne Guimard - CEO at Fineo - Investor Relations Advisors

I am sure that our respective approaches to serving listed companies and shareholders will find a favorable echo within the financial community.

Emmanuel Coudurier - CEO of Actusnews Wire

Shareholders and potential investors often have a poor understanding of our industry, which affects investor relations and our time. I support Sharewoods' innovative approach to simplified investor communication management.

Gilles David - CEO of Enertime SA

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