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Why Sharewoods ?

As more and more retail investors get involved, they’re bringing new kinds of behavior that a long-unchallenged industry suddenly has to adapt to.

The Rise of the Casual Investor

Access to the stock market is easier than ever for modern investors, thanks to commission-free investing. The markets hit their lowest point after the pandemic, making it relatively cost-effective for new investors to take the plunge. Thanks to platforms like Reddit and Twitter, information is easier than ever to find and share.

Modern investors behaviors

They rely on new media that doesn’t eat up hours of their time — like newsletters, social media, and virtual communities.

Modern financial content

It has become imperative to communicate with a different format than traditional financial reports and press releases: Create digestible and educational content

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I have managed shareholder bases with up to 5 million retail investors and with hindsight, I wish Sharewoods had existed!

Anne Guimard - CEO at Fineo - Investor Relations Advisors

I am sure that our respective approaches to serving listed companies and shareholders will find a favorable echo within the financial community.

Emmanuel Coudurier - CEO of Actusnews Wire

Shareholders and potential investors often have a poor understanding of our industry, which affects investor relations and our time. I support Sharewoods' innovative approach to simplified investor communication management.

Gilles David - CEO of Enertime SA

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